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The Martins Family

The Martins Family

Hi!  We are the Martins family. Flavio and I, Niki, have three beautiful girls,  who have come to us through the miracle of adoption or In vitro fertilization.

Our oldest is Hannah, she is kind, responsible and full of life.  She is in first grade and loves to read and draw pictures for everyone.  Hannah started the piano this year and is doing very well.  She loves animals and can't wait to get a pet of her own.  

Our second child is Lia.  She is three and amazingly smart.  She loves to give hugs and hold her baby sister.  Lia loves to color and play games.  She dances and spins all day long.  She loves to play with her older sister, and most of the time, they play so well together. :)

The baby of the family is Eva.  She will be 2 in March.  Eva is our spunky, spirited girl.  She has learned quickly that she needs to be strong to stand up with her two older sisters.  Eva is a smiley, happy baby who loves her blanket and dogs.

Flavio and I met at BYU-Hawaii.  W…